The following is a portion of Ion Tomeci’s monthly report.  He shares the following testimonies of God’s grace:

I have been attracted by the desire of preaching the Gospel. I see in me this fire, namely to grow in comprehension and while this is happening to become so fascinated, enthusiastic and overwhelmed with the consequence that I don’t have coherence and emotional detachment. I am very touched by these truths. We have an awesome God and for those who are called to taste Him, this is such a blessing – we are eternally indebted to Him.

The ministry in Providence Church has been a blessing too. The Lord has brought peace and I can see a growing in God’s Word. I see unity and a sense of belonging. I am thankful to the Lord. I want to serve with joy. Sometimes I get busy with administrative things and then I feel tired when it comes to the Word. But praise God, I feel more relaxed if we don’t hurry with the administrative things so that I can have more time to walk with the Lord.

I continue to have meetings with three boys.  I decided to talk to them about some issues concerning the internet, pornography and about the call of being leaders in their homes. One of them is not married and wishes to find a wife. This week he tried to develop a relationship with a girl but things didn’t work out. He is 35 years old. The other two young men are married but they don’t have children yet. One of them wants to have children but his wife has some medical issues. We offered them some money on behalf of our church in order to pursue some medical investigations. I am glad that I have a good relationship with them. Last evening we met again with their families for another Bible study and they enjoyed it and want us to continue. I pray that they will understand the value of salvation, as the Bible speaks about it.

Don is serving as the HeartCry Coordinator for Eastern Europe. As an itinerant evangelist, his pulpit ministry is directed toward preaching on the inner life of the believer and the spiritual need of the lost. With HeartCry, his ministry includes organizing Bible conferences and corresponding with the HeartCry missionaries in Europe. He and his lovely wife Cindy live in Tuscumbia, AL.

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