Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers for the recent trip to India and the conferences that were held there!

The first conference was held at a church in North India, where HeartCry missionaries from several locations gathered together for a time of studying God’s Word and fellow shipping together. The theme of the conference was “The Magnificence of Christ.” Using the first three verses of the book of Hebrews, the preacher put the glory of Christ on display by highlighting each of the given Biblical descriptions: the greatest revelation of God; the creator, sustained, and heir of all things; the radiance of the glory of God; the exact representation of God’s nature; and the purification for our sins. In addition to these sessions, several workshops were held to help these men to be better students and preachers of God’s Word. Many grateful thanks were given for the very helpful and refreshing time, which we would like to pass along to the faithful supporters of this ministry.

After an encouraging week of fellowship with these brothers, we journeyed up into the mountains of North India for another conference with several village and city pastors and their families. This was a much-needed time of rest and fellowship for these families who labor under extreme pressure in the hot and dirty villages of North India. The theme of the conference was “The Gospel and Glory of Jesus.” Descriptions of Christ were drawn from the first several verses in the Gospel of John, including: the eternal Word and Creator of all things, the life and the light of men, the power of God for salvation, sovereign over salvation, tabernacle among us, full of grace and truth, explained and reveler of God, and the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Many of these brothers were overjoyed by truths which they had never heard before. One of the pastors was eager to return to his church so that he could preach Christ and the Gospel from a sermon text that he had previously preached on the Tabernacle. These men are now better equipped to preach Christ from all the Scriptures. Please pray for them!