Coffee Shop Gathering

HeartCry missionary Ruxi Vandici has been closely acquainted with affliction for years. She endured multiple maladies which at times left her so incapacitated that she could not leave her apartment for weeks. Nevertheless, she has continued her ministry of being a spiritual mother to many female students. Presently, she faces a new trial as she serves her infirmed mother, who is battling major kidney issues. In a recent report, Ruxi writes, “Please pray for my mom. She continues to have very serious health problems. Please pray for my dad and I to have the strength to care for her and guidance to go to the right doctors and receive the right medical care.”  In Ruxi’s same ministry report she relates more details of her mother’s condition and her ongoing work with the students.

At the end of this past month my mom had very serious health problems and needed constant care. Although I spent a lot of my energy caring for her, I am thankful for the ministry opportunities I had during the first part of the month. The highlight of the month was encouraging a girl whose classmate became a Christian. The news about this young believer is so encouraging, and the girl I mentor asked me to start a Bible study with both of them. They were just accepted into medical school and will be freshmen this fall. I am so very excited about this wonderful opportunity. Please pray that I will have the strength to meet and study the Bible with them weekly. Also, please pray that the parents of the new believer will not oppose her attending this Bible study. It is my understanding that they opposed her baptism. Nevertheless, she is full of zeal and is a wonderful witness for Christ as He has radically changed her life.

Another wonderful ministry opportunity was meeting the girl with whom I have been having evangelistic Bible discussions with for the last year and a half online. We started an evangelistic Bible study in March 2020 and then everything shut down and she moved back to her home town as all her University courses were online. She continued reading the Bible and we had regular online Bible discussions, especially about Christ manifestations in the Old Testament. I am so thankful for her perseverance in reading the Bible. She used to ask me questions when she encountered a difficult passage. It was such a joy to see her again in person this past month when she visited the city. She asked me about opening the Bible to receive an answer from the Lord. I told her that this was not a good way to use the Bible as we are to read the whole Bible to know the character of God and His will for us. She told me she does that and is in Isaiah now. She is also doing the Bible studies that our church does. I gave her the study guide of 1 and 2 Thessalonians. I understand that her parents are not happy that she reads the Bible and talks so much with the “repenters”. Please pray that the Lord would do a genuine work of repentance and faith in Christ in her heart!

Other ministry opportunities included encouraging people who are going through various trials. I was able to provide for them biblical advice. One of the young women I am mentoring just found out that she and her husband cannot have children and the news deeply discouraged her. I am sure the evil one will use this news to attack her faith and trust in the goodness of the Lord, but I pray that the Lord would use this season of trial to draw her and her husband closer to Him. Only He can do that. I also tried to encourage another young lady whose husband experiences seasons of depression. I counseled her to support him by encouraging him. I counseled to not be frustrated with him that he is not as productive as he used to be. Lately I thought a lot about the importance of good counseling and how much the Bible talks about it. May the Lord teach us to be good counselors and guides for those He has placed in our lives.