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HeartCry missionary Marian Jipa and his wife, Coco, were recently hospitalized with the Covid virus. Having fully recovered, they have continued their ministry among the churches in and around the village of Pitulicea, Romania. Brother Marian oversees and shepherds four small local churches. This past month he shares his work among the villagers:

The pandemic makes the Kingdom grow! I miss the evangelistic outreaches and events with preachers, musicians, medical teams, and summer camps, but I still enjoy the small opportunities that I have in ministry. Any social interaction becomes an opportunity to share about the Lord. I go to the post office and talk to the people I meet there. Then I go to the store where I have another evangelistic opportunity. Then I go to a center where I can pay my bills and meet other people. Several people even remembered our last discussion and have questions for me.

I made new friends this month. I visited a widower, who shares his house with his sister and a friend, who is still healthy and able to work. This man helps them in the household. Although a weird group, they suffer a lot, as their children live abroad. They have chosen to live together because they have no one else to help them. Recently, they invited me to have meal with them. Before we started, I stood up and prayed loudly. They were surprised, but then I think they also felt ashamed. I felt that the Lord rebuked them. They didn’t say anything. When we had the meal together the next day, they stood up with me and joined in prayer. Another day they said we should pray first and then eat. I visited them every day for almost a week. We had a good time together. Each time I had a good message for them. Their hearts were open. They are all in their seventies. I know they understood their great and urgent need to receive the Lord and His grace. We keep in touch and have a very good relationship. We are praying for Marian, Ida and Costica. May God bless them with grace and salvation!

When we used to organize evangelistic events, I believed they were blessed by God because of the people’s response. But today I can see how God is working in simplicity, without musicians and great sermons. It is such a comfort for my heart to see how God makes the barriers of unbelief fall down.

I travel to Casota, Florica, Margineanu and Urziceni every week. I still have gospel tracts and use them wisely. Some people are afraid to take it because of the coronavirus. So, they receive more easily the spoken word.

The sisters keep meeting faithfully each Saturday for prayer. The brothers also started meeting for a prayer time this week.