That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Conversion and Conflict

Posted Aug 18, 2018

Ion and Elena Gireada live in the city of Chernovtsy. Brother Ion is HeartCry's Ukranian point man, providing accountability and oversight to our other missionaries in Ukraine.  This past month Ion ecountered a bitter/ sweet response to his ministries as the pastor of the Church in Tereblecia:  The Lord has given us great joy this month. Vera, a woman from our village, who had asked for a Bible several months ago and started reading it, decided to repent at the beginning of this month. Then Danic (22), my nephew, who has attended the church with his parents since he was a child, also repented at the beginning of this month when I visited him at home. Praise the Lord for working in the hearts of these people and for helping them repent in order to be... Keep Reading

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The four largest Least-Reached people groups are the Shaikh of Bangladesh, Japanese of Japan, the Shaikh of India, and the Brahmin of India.

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