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Malachi 1:11

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VIDEO: What is the Gospel? - In Russian

Posted Aug 31, 2015

If you don't speak Russian, you won't understand the following video, but I hope you are encouraged to know that we've produced this short video in the Russian language. In the video, HeartCry missionary Anatoly C. answers the question: What is the Gospel? We have made this video available for free download and will be using it in various outreach efforts among Russian speakers. If you or someone you know has Russian-speaking family, friends, or acquaintances – please feel free to use this video to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them! ... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Wege Sinyangwe

profile_wege_sChurch Planter – Chilanga in Lusaka, Zambia

Wege is a member of Mt. Makulu Baptist Church and graduate of Kabwata Baptist Church's pastoral internship program (2011). In the early months of 2012, Mt. Makulu sent Wege out to spearhead a church plant in the Chilanga area of Lusaka.


Testimony of Conversion

Before I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I was fairly a good person, and my parents used to take us to church every Sunday at a local United Church of Zambia (UCZ). I was just a church attender (not a believer), a person who could be easily infl... Keep Reading

Mission Fact of the Day

2,597 people groups totaling 199,000,000 individuals have neither Scripture, the Jesus film, or Christian recordings available in their primary language.

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