That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Cuba Testimony: "Into the Arms of My Savior"

Posted Aug 20, 2018

nick-karvounis-554278-unsplashThe following is the testimony of one of the pastors HeartCry supports in Cuba. For protection purposes, we have not revealed his name or photograph. Testimony of Conversion The town in which I was born, and where I now live and serve the Lord, is historically known as “The Town of Witchcraft.” It’s a place where there is a high level of both witchcraft and Santeria, which is an Afro-Cuban religion. I was also surrounded by a lot of secularism and darwinism. It was in the middle of this controversial mixture of superstition and ... Keep Reading

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The four largest Least-Reached people groups are the Shaikh of Bangladesh, Japanese of Japan, the Shaikh of India, and the Brahmin of India.

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