That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Pray for Pa Ooh and Shan (Myanmar).

Posted Feb 9, 2016

January Mission Report First and foremost, I thank and praise God for giving me good health, strength and allowing me to be involved in His ministry. I was very blessed to have an opportunity to attend the training held in B.S.T (Bible School of Theology). Furthermore, two B.S.T students also helped me in the December soul-winning program where we shared the Gospel individually to some ethnic groups, namely “Pa Ooh” and “Shan.” This is the result of your constant prayers, which I am so thankful for. Furthermore, though we celebrated Christmas December 30, we preached about the salvation in Jesus Christ to around 50 people and also enjoyed the celebration with other believers. However, we do need your prayer support abundantly for the foll... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Alexander B.


Pastor - Belarus

Alexander is the pastor of a Baptist church in Belarus. Due to security issues we cannot give specific names of the places in which he is working. HeartCry began supporting Alexander in 2012.


 Testimony of Conversion

I came to faith in the Lord in 1977 when I was 23 years old. I never imagined before that I would become a believer, even though I thought sometimes about how wonderfully everything was made and who the Creator of all things was. After my term in the army was over I stayed in the same town I was serving... Keep Reading

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Of India's 2,160 people groups, 1,286 have populations over 10,000, the largest being a Muslim group, the Shaikh at 80,000,000.

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