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Malachi 1:11

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Charlie T. (S. India): Struggles in South India

Posted Aug 16, 2018

India PeopleCharlie T. can still remember standing in the church he used to attend in Virginia 8 years ago. Every Sunday he would pray that the Lord would raise up healthy, gospel-centered churches in his home land of India. In 2013, he came back to India in search for a healthy church, but found very little. After completing his theological studies, he moved to north India where he was able to complete an internship in like-minded church.   Charlie T. was sent out from this church in the spring of 2018 to plant a church in the place where he grew up. All of the zeal, expectations, and exc... Keep Reading

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The United States, China, Brazil and Nigeria have the greatest number of evangelicals according to Operation World 2010. Kenya has the highest percent evangelicals at 48.9%.

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