That His name be great among the nations

Malachi 1:11

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Floods and Difficulties in Japan

Posted Jul 17, 2018

Dear brothers and sisters, japan-flooding-OkayamaIn our day the news is showing the tragedy of many lives being lost and thousands of people without homes because one of the worst summer floods in recent history in southern Japan. These days can see some people asking the same question that Job asked in the midst of his anguish and crisis: Where is hope? (Job: 17:15) In Japan, hunger, poverty, and shootings are not the daily trials. However, their main trials hurt as much or even more than material or physical struggles. Here, Japanese society suffocates with the emptiness of supe... Keep Reading

Missionary Spotlight

Jian W.

Church Planter - China

Jian is a church planter in easetern China. He was converted as a teenager through the example of his Christian mother. He has had many opportunities to serve the Lord throughout China, and he is passionate for the Chinese church to be strengthened in the truth.

Testimony of Conversion

I grew up in a Christian family and my mother’s faith had a tremendous impact on me. In fact, it was through my mother that the Lord Jesus brought me to Himself.

My mother came to faith when I was two. After giving birth, she was seriously ill and became... Keep Reading

Mission Fact of the Day

Some 65-70% of the world's population live in religiously restrictive countries.

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