Testimony of Conversion

I, Thanduxolo Yoyo was born in Alice 11 February 1983. I was raised by my grandmother who was a Christian and she always took me to church. From the very early stage of my life I was exposed to church life. I grew up like every child in our village. I was like every other child and I knew that on Sunday I need to go to church. We had a wonderful man who was a Sunday school teacher and very dedicated to that ministry. He had an impact in my life that at the early age of my life I wanted to know this God better and trust Him for my life. And when I doing Grade 7 I committed my life to the Lord and I was baptized at age 14 in the month of June.

After I was baptized I left our village went to East London to stay with the relatives so I could further my schooling. And when I started high school in East London I was introduced to Student Christian Organization (SCO). I was so happy to be invited because I needed to grow in walk with the Lord. I was told that there is a Baptist church at N.U 15 Mdantsane, Light house Baptist Church. I went and the warm welcome from the pastors was outstanding. And I was discipled there and given the opportunity to serve the Lord. I was always part of Youth leadership in our church. We loved Jesus so much. And I continued to serve at our school as member of SCO and became part of leadership as well there. After high school I wanted to further my studies but could not because I did not have money. I worked in different places trying to get money so I can register to further my studies.

In that process I felt God’s call in my life and I tried to avoid it. I had other desires and ambitions for my life and they were by my home situation as a young African man wanted to change situation at home. And the desire to give myself for full time ministry was there. I loved the idea of serving the Lord and I was also aware of the price to pay. And it kept on growing and growing until I surrendered and I just knew obedience is better than sacrifice because I was saying to myself I can continue serving the Lord and pursue my goals. And support the ministry as well.

But when I made up my mind I woke up 5 a. m went to my Pastor and shared what was going on in my mind and after he spoke to the leadership and church and they approved my calling and I found myself going to Cape Town Baptist Seminary and my church supported me. God was so faithful and assured me that He has called me to serve Him in this way.

2007 December got married to my beautiful wife Thabisa, we were both young she was 19 years old and I was 23 years old. And beginning of 2008 I started ministry as pastorin Queenstown where we ministered in those villages for eleven years and in the process the Master blessed us with two boys Khazimla and Iminithi. We have seen the Lord walking with us in difficult situations. We have seen people coming to knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and growing in the knowledge of our Lord. After eleven years of ministry the Lord called us to Duncan Village (East London).

This was a church revitalisation work as the church was not reformed. We have been ministering for 5 years plus and slowly the Lord is helping us. We are not about gathering just people. What is burning in my life is to build a healthy church with biblical membership.

With the help of partners who love the gospel and wants to fulfill the great commission we can build a local church in our context since the East Cape is a desert doctrinally. There are very few biblical local churches in our context. That’s my testimony and how I became the servant of the Lord in ministry.

Call to Ministry

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