Sova was a practicing Buddhist before an evangelist communicated the gospel to him repeatedly and he was converted to Jesus Christ in 1997. After Sova became a Christian, he was called into the ministry and experienced a burning zeal to make the glories of Christ known in Cambodia. Too, he desired to witness biblical churches planted throughout the nation. Sova planted a church in a village in Kampot Province soon after his ordination to the ministry. Sova is now pastoring a newly planted church in an area where one-half of the population remains unreached with the message of Jesus Christ.

Testimony of Conversion

I am Sova S. and was born May 1, 1974, and am married to Hun S. God has given us two beautiful children and we are thankful for His mercy that has been abundantly given to us.

Before I believed in God, I followed the Buddhist religion, and I did not know if that religion was right or wrong. Every day I would buy incense sticks to burn in order to worship and pray for safety. However, in spite of my religious activities, my family had many problems, and the problems never seemed to end. Each month we had a lack of funds to meet our needs, and our expenses were more than we earned. Also, I was sick, so it made me hopeless that I would continue living.

One day, there was a man who believed in the true God and shared with me the gospel. He informed me that God loved the world and that this God created the earth. The man who shared the gospel with me also prayed for my sickness. After he prayed for me, my life was better than before, and I was healed of my sickness. Later, he talked to me about repenting of idol worship because God does not approve of idolatry. This man continued sharing the gospel with me for over a year. In 1997 I believed in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I was baptized in 1998, and my life has been brighter and brighter until now. I thank God for choosing me to salvation.

Immediately after my conversion, I felt called by God to serve Him by sharing my faith to others and starting a small group for Bible study. The group that I began studying with eventually was constituted into a local church. I thank God for allowing me to serve Him. I am teaching our leadership in the church to look to God and not to men and am thankful to see them grow spiritually.

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