After straying from his Christian roots, Rufus was convicted by the gospel preaching of a pastor in another town. After his conversion, he moved there to be part of the local church and prepare for ministry. Now he is planting a new church in a village where most people are strongly animistic and resistant to the gospel.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Rufus. I have not seen my parents since I was 5. I grew up in the care of my relatives until 15. My uncle who is a pastor brought me up in the Christian community. When I realized that I could not depend on my relatives for everything, I aimlessly moved to the “W” Region to earn my living and to seek opportunities as an independent and helpless teenager. I wandered off across the region for two years. In 2012, I met with a pastor and heard him preaching the Gospel. I realized that I had been a nominal Christian and destitute of any spiritual life. At that very moment, the Holy Spirit was so evidently at work in my heart that I was born again into the family of God. I strongly believe in God’s sovereignty in choosing me before the foundation of the world and in saving me through the work of Christ alone, in the power of the Holy Spirit that prepared my heart and granted me saving faith in Christ.

Testimony of Call to Ministry

After my genuine conversion, I prayed to God and committed my life into His hands. Then in 2014 I moved to “M” and became a member of an evangelical Baptist church there. The pastors of that church recommended me to the seminary in “KT” in the next year. During my studies, I lived and served in the village for six months. This experience convinced me that God had called me to the ministry in this way. My call was further evident by the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit in my heart and my ministry during my ministry in a village in “M” area. I have established a strong relationship with the villagers. They were attentive to me when preaching the Gospel. And they expressed their desire to have me with them for further teaching on Christianity. The children and young people especially have been more open to coming to saving faith in Christ. I believe this is a further affirmation of my call to the Gospel ministry in this very place.

Note: For security reasons, a pen name is used for this missionary.

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