Testimony of Conversion

I was born into a Hindu family, and lived a quiet religious life. Even though I had an external facade of morality, I was filled with ungodliness: lying and cheating were two sins I struggled with in particular.

Years ago, a family member shared the Gospel with me, and told me about Jesus. I ignored him at first. 

He brought a friend, the same one who had shared the Gospel with my family member in the first place! 

I was given a Gospel tract. It mentioned the ten commandments, and I felt convicted when I read it. My cousin’s friend told me that I was a sinner, even though I fasted and participated in all the religious activities of Hinduism. The idea of me being a sinner stuck in my head, and puzzled me.

I was told that Jesus came to save sinners, which I had never heard of before; it was something new for me. In Hinduism, I’d heard that gods came to destroy sinners, but Jesus came to save sinners! He died for them so that they could be saved. It was a striking revelation for me.

My cousin’s friend asked if he could pray for me, and I told him that he could. 

On another day, as I was praying to Jesus myself, I saw a light. I do not know what it was, or where it came from. I told my new friend about the light, and said that I thought it must be a sign from Jesus. After that, I started believing in Christ. 

As I started reading the Bible, I realized that not only was I a sinner, but I did not have any hope. God’s wrath was on me. The only hope I had was in Jesus, who lived a perfect life, took my sin, and died on the cross to save me. God helped me to repent of my sin and trust in Jesus. Even though my family did not support me, and threatened to withhold my inheritance and banish me, God helped me to stay firm in my faith.

As I look back, God has been faithful, and I believe His promise that He will remain faithful till the end.

Call to Ministry

As God saved me, He also gave me the desire to study His word. I was curious to learn more, so I asked my friend to see if he could help me. After a while, he introduced me to a youth group, and that allowed me to be involved in Gospel work.

I worked in the youth group in many places, and was also involved in the local church where I used to preach, evangelize, and do other church activities. 

During this period of life, God gave me a burden to preach. When I left the youth ministry, I started a house fellowship.

Since then, God has been faithfully helping me to learn more about the Bible. He has provided me with good training, and solid resources through informal training, pastoral conferences across the country.

Despite being the pastor of a small church, God is still kind, and has been faithful to me. My desire is to teach my people regularly, train men for the ministry, and help young people.