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My name is Soe G., and I was born November 2, 1991, into a nominal Baptist family in a small village. I belong to the Karen tribe. My parents were nominal Christians; even our pastor and all church members are nominal Christians. No one preached the truth, but the Karen Baptist Convention believed salvation was by good deeds. I used to go to Sunday school classes and church services, and I tried to please God by my good deeds. However, I had no peace at all in my life.

By God’s grace, in November 2009, I got an opportunity to participate in a salvation crusade where missionary Kyaw P. was the speaker. I listened to his preaching and teaching attentively. I was convinced that I was a sinner by birth, and Jesus Christ had already paid my sin penalty. I had no more debts. I was blessed to repent and trust Him and receive Him as my personal Savior.

I was full of joy for the great salvation that I received freely. What a day it was! After having salvation in my life, I dedicated my whole life to the Lord. I prayed to God that He would send me to a good Bible College. I joined Southeast Asia Bible College, which is a Conservative Baptist College, where I finished my Bachelor of Theology in 2015. Afterward, I prayed to God again to give me a good mission leader for my ministry. I came to know Timothy M. and his mission work. I came to him and received missionary training. I was accepted and commissioned by his church to be a missionary.

I began preaching in P. town with the gospel, which is a powerful Buddhist town. The people are fierce and harsh. I thank God that He gave me a good wife, who was also taught by the ministry Timothy M. was providing oversight. By God’s grace, we started a house church. I want to have a healthy church in this town. I covet your prayers.