Testimony of Salvation

Before coming to Christ I lived disobeying my parents. My faith was on this world, and various gods and goddesses. I was worshiping idols. While I was eight years old, my father and my mother went to a different country. I was totally parentless. I grew up under my grandmother’s care. My mother and father went to two different countries, and didn’t see each other for many years. They eventually got divorced. My father married another woman. I didn’t get any love and care from my parents. It was very hard life for me as they didn’t support me financially. I was in a difficult situation. When I was twelve years old I got the privilege to hear the gospel from my uncle. At that time my grandmother was struggling with severe sickness. “If we believe in Him we will be healed…” That was our thinking, and my grandmother and myself started joining a church fellowship. I started going to church with my grandmother and slowly I began to understand. After a few years I got the privilege to hear the sound gospel from brother Silas. By the grace of God I repented of my sin and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. As I was growing more in the Lord, I was also privileged to help in a Sunday School. I continued on growing in the sound biblical teaching and continued following and serving Him.

Later on I started to work among the orphan children as a caregiver. Because of His gospel, that motivated me to serve among the orphan children. Serving six years among the orphan children, God brought my husband into my life. This is God’s providence in my life that He gave me a godly husband. I continue worked for seven months among the orphan children after getting married. At the Lord’s proper time, He called my husband to full-time ministry. We both prayed for this ministry and the Lord answered or prayers, and we were commissioned from our local church.

Now I am with my husband in the ministry field. Please pray for us as we both grow more in His grace and knowledge and serve Him faithfully. Pray for our marriage life too.