With HeartCry’s support, Matthews completed the one-year pastoral internship program at Kabwata Baptist Church in December of 2013. In April of 2014, with the recommendation of KBC’s elders, he was sent out to plant a church in Chambishi.

Testimony of Conversion

Before my true conversion I thought I was Christian because I was brought up in a Christian family where I was taught good morals and actively attended Sunday school and youth meetings. Consequently, this made me feel very comfortably secure, and I even boasted that I was a Christian. This went on until 1996, when the Spirit convicted me of my sins and opened my eyes to see clearly that I was not a Christian; but rather, I was a person who was headed for destruction! This happened to me after hearing the gospel preached from Romans 1:18-32 titled

“The Wrath of God towards the Ungodly.”

Romans 1:18-32

The message really sank into my heart and it caused me to be restless for almost an entire week. One day, after a week of restlessness, the Spirit of the Lord opened my eyes to the see my need of the Savior in my life. This came so strongly that I could not resist, and I repented of my sin and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Call to Ministry

The Lord bestowed the call to ministry upon me gradually. First, it was through some members of the church who noticed a call upon my life and started asking me questions if I had considered the Christian ministry. During this time I never had that personal conviction and desire for Christian ministry. Some of the brothers continued asking and encouraging me to think and pray seriously on the matter. In 2001, after contemplation and much prayer, the desire and burden for Christian ministry started growing very strongly, so much in fact, that whenever I thought of doing something else I had no peace of mind. This struggle lasted almost for two years until 2003 when I finally set my heart on the Christian ministry and I was filled with peace.