I was born into a Christian Family. When I was 11 years old, the Lord saved me through my father’s Bible teaching. After my new life in Christ, I followed my father in his preaching ministry in different villages. And by seeing my father’s life, I wanted to serve the Lord.

My father went to K. Town as a missionary. Our whole family followed him. Since my father had no financial supporter, life was tough. And so I went to Thailand for work. There I met my wife, and unexpectedly my father went to be with the Lord by motorbike accident in 2006, I wholly surrendered my life for the ministry of the Lord. Since I am not highly educated, I read my Myanmar Bible with prayer daily and learn some spiritual lessons. The Holy Spirit is my main teacher.

I have a great burden for K. town people who do not know the gospel. The people are stubborn and brutal in conversation, and sometimes I am discouraged and scared. In my weakness, I am driven to look to God. I have no other things to depend on except God and His greatness. . Whatever I need, I pray, and the Lord answers my prayers. Whenever I face challenges, I pray, and something happens. I asked God to give me the power to win souls though I am nothing; people got saved through me. I believe in prayer.