Testimony of Conversion and Call to Ministry

After serving God as a Christian Union leader way back in High School I often found myself in various leadership positions in the Churches I’ve fellowshipped with before and also at DIGUNA Mission Organization. This raised many questions in my mind particularly this that, “Could God be preparing me for Church leadership work in the future?” Well, the answer still remained unclear to me as I grappled with that question for many years based on my personal felt inadequacies. The desire and conviction of my call to lead God’s people then developed progressively through the period of my Theological internship. 

Having been sent out to the Mission field at the beginning of work, I encountered some ministerial challenges that I never met in the course of my internship. They weighed me down making me to think prayerfully about my call to ministry but through the encouragement and prayers of Pastor Naphtali and few brethren I shared with, God enabled me to overcome. Now looking back, I can attest to the fact that by God’s grace and help I’ve grown stronger and much better in my Pastoral ministry. My trust is in He who calls and equips His servants even the weak ones for His service, the Lord Jesus Christ. May He lead and use me as He wills for His glory and for the advancement of His Kingdom.