I was born into a Christian family, so I went to church since I was a small child. The biggest problem in my life was that I did not know who I worshiped. And I did not understand why we worshiped at the church. My experience was to follow what others did and do the things they did. I used to think that the purpose of my life was to party and succeed in the workplace. From when I was a small child until high school, I had the desire to work to earn more money and enjoy using it. At that time I was working so hard while continuing to attend church. All the while, my heart questioned who Jesus was, and I didn’t even know how to be saved. I was thinking a lot about how to do many good deeds so that I might go to heaven, and I also sought praise from other people. But my thinking was wrong. I didn’t know how to be saved truly. I just prioritized the things of the world.

In 2007, I had just graduated from school, but I was still confused and didn’t know my life’s purpose. At that time, there was a youth fellowship at church that I had joined. There was a youth minister that recommended that I study more in a different place. So the Lord led me to meet Pak Nelson, a servant of God. At that moment, he was sharing the Gospel, and he was sharing about how a sinner can be saved. And he shared how Christ was crucified for sinners. After that, I became a believer who surrendered my life to study more of God at a seminary. Eventually, I decided to continue my studies at the seminary, to labor for God’s kingdom. Right now, my husband and I are praying to support one another in ministry and to continue serving together with a passion for the King of kings. It’s not easy for us because we just started to be a family, and there have been many hardships, difficulties, and trials. We believe, though, that Jesus Christ will strengthen us to be faithful in ministry to the end of our lives. Amen.