After conversion, Chan M. was rejected by his family. However, this did not cause him to turn back. He had counted the cost, and was determined to pursue Christ. The Lord provided every step of the way.  

Testimony of Conversion and Call

I was born into a Hindu family in 1994.There are nine people in my family, including six siblings (four sisters and two brothers). None of them believe in Jesus Christ. In 2010, when I was 16 years old, my friend told me about Jesus Christ, and I started going to church with him. It was during these two years that I came to understand the gospel.I repented of my sins and placed my faith in Jesus as my Savior. 

When my parents found out that I had started going to church and was reading the Bible, they became angry with me and began to abuse me. My parents decided to send me away to Mumbai to work with my brother. I worked in Mumbai for two years. In these two years, I started to go a church in Thane city. I used to help in the ministry of this church anyway I could by attending prayer meetings in several member’s houses.

When my brother came to know about my church attendance, he too got angry with me and called my parents. He sent me back home. My father then took me to Gujarat, so I could do work with him there. For the next 18 months I was far away from the church. However, I was still able to secretly read the Bible. After the 18 months, I came home and was able to attend church again. I took baptism during this time.

Then after a few months, I went to Mumbai again for work in 2015. My brother, who was still working there, forbade me to go to church. He was against Christianity, and I called my father and told him that wanted to go to a Bible college for study. My parents were not happy with my decision. They said that if I go to the Bible college, then not to worry about ever coming home again. It was a very painful time for me, but I remained firm on my decision and went to the Bible college. I knew the True God, and I had decided not to turn back. On holiday breaks, I would to my brother’s house in Mumbai, but He would not allow me to stay with him.

I worked for four months in the company where I worked before. This allowed me to continue in my studies. During the second semester of the second year I was contacted by a pastor friend, who desired me to come and help him in the ministry. After much prayer, I decided to leave and help him.

This pastor took me to the meeting that HeartCry had organized. I met many solid men, and was given the opportunity to study in a Theological Seminary. They also gave me the opportunity to stay at the church centre so I could learn more about God’s Word. In staying at the church centre, I not only learn theology, but I experienced how theology is worked out in practice. I am very thankful for this time.  

Note: For security reasons a pen name is used for this missionary.