Benjamin was born and raised in a Muslim country in the Middle East region. After his father became a Christian, he began to read the Bible for himself and was converted. Now he serves in the church with his father and has a desire to go into pastoral ministry. He is currently completing a 9 month pastoral internship with a church in the Arabian Peninsula.

Testimony of Conversion

I heard about Jesus Christ from my father, because he was the first person that accepted Jesus in my family. He invited me to read the Bible but I did not accept his invitation because I was born in a Muslim family and a Muslim society where every day I heard about Islam. T that point I decided to go to the mosque to learn more about the Quran, in the hope that I could invite him back to Islam. For 10 months I went to the mosque, but I did not understand anything from the Quran because it was written in Arabic (which I didn’t know).

At this point I left the mosque because I realized that the Quran is not what I wanted. I then went back to my father to ask if I could read the Bible. He agreed and gave me a copy of the New Testament. Before I start reading it, I assumed it would be in another language like the Quran, but I was surprised that it was in my native language. This encouraged me to start reading the Bible. After reading many of the books I understood that this book talked about the love of God that he desires to save people. Because of that I repented and accept Him as my Lord. I realized that the only way to salvation is through the grace of Christ.

Call to the Ministry

Currently I am member of a house church that my father is pastoring. Every week we have a service, and sometimes I get to preach for 15 minutes. I am also leading the youth ministry and leading worship. When I preach in the church from the Bible all the members encourage me and tell me God has gifted me in preaching. I also enjoy preparing the worship songs. For these reasons I think God is leading me to study and preach the word of God.