Testimony of Conversion

My name is Antony Malunga Zuze and I am 42 years old. I am married to my wife Kate and we are blessed with a son named Paulito, who is three years old. I was born on September 9th, 1982 in the capital city of Malawi called Lilongwe. I am the sixth born from a family of seven children. I was raised in a Christian society and my parents are Catholics. Since the year 2000, I was also an active member of the catholic church. I started and completed my primary education at Lilongwe Boys Primary School in Lilongwe township. I went to college to study Computer Engineering at the New Horizon Training College.

During these times before my conversion, I lived my life in a worldly manner. I was a heavy alcoholic and a party animal. I lived a very sinful life until October 8th, 2001. That day through some circumstances I attended a church called Calvary Family Church in Lilongwe township. There I heard the Gospel, which changed my life entirely. I learned about the love and sacrifice of Christ, which caused me to accept Him as my Lord and savior. This message truly changed me for good, and still continues to transform me in ways no man ever could. Words cannot explain the peace and joy I have in my heart from the Gospel.

Call to Ministry

After I got saved I could still feel that something in me was not complete. I could feel my heart was empty, and I needed to fill it with the word of God in order to strengthen me and carry me through my Christian life. My passion for God continues to grow every day. I feel convicted each time I pray. Each time I read the Bible I can feel the Lord drawing close. I soon realized there was nothing more fulfilling than serving God.

Some years ago I joined my friends on a mission trip to the Dedza district in Malawi. While I was there, I felt a strong desire that God was calling me to serve Him. I kept on thinking about my fellow brothers and sisters who are still in the world and did not know Jesus. That day I felt a heavy burden for the lost souls I knew. This is when I began to help in Youth Ministry and began to learn more about the trinitarian God.

My desire to serve was growing, even though I was serving I felt inadequate. I needed to study God’s word in a formal setting. Thank God my brother in Christ Gideon McGovern Mpeni recommended me to study at seminary. I took his counsel and went to seminary. I studied there for four years.

Soon I will be planting a church in the city of Mzuzu. I praise the Lord for this opportunity.