I grew up in a small home in the southern province of Rwanda, with my mom and my siblings. I was born into an Anglican family and grew up thinking I must try to do good things before God. I was very obedient to my parents, intelligent at school, and religious. The reality, however, is that I was dead in my trespasses and sins. I was a rebel against God even though I realized this later. For many years I thought I was a ‘good person,’ always comparing myself to those around me and telling myself that at least I’m not as bad as many girls I knew in our village. Through my childhood, in primary and secondary school, I was a church choir member.

Then, in 2013, I did a Bible study in Ephesians 2 with a man who would become my future husband. I realized from that day that I was a child of wrath by nature, and not only me, but also every human being. It was at that time that I saw how sad my natural state was. I saw a picture of how sinful I was in a way I had never seen before; I realized all my secrets sins and I was wondering what I should do. He told me that Jesus Christ paid all my sins on the cross, that I should trust Him for my salvation. I will never forget that happy day when I cried unto the Lord and he heard me. From that day, I have found peace beyond understanding, and I was assured of eternal life in Christ Jesus. Finally, two years later, when I was a member of GBU in university, I was baptized by immersion and I am still growing in the knowledge of God’s word.