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We are thankful to God for keeping us strong in faith as a family and as a church, for continuing to grow us in faith as well as holding us near to Him. We thank you HeartCry for supporting us to do the work here in Malisheva.

During this last month, I had the chance to share the gospel with one of my neighbors with whom we have built very good relationships with him. One day I was with one of the brothers from the church drinking coffee and he invited this other guy we both know. As we were talking and having coffee I invited “H” to the church and they begin laughing “H” said as a joke ‘Ahh now you want me to convert to Christianity as well!’’. I then started to talk with him and explain that I cannot convert anyone to Christianity or even make anyone believe in Jesus. I then shared the gospel to “H” explaining what we teach during Sunday service and about our faith. I told him that all I can do is tell you the truth and invite you to believe but after that, it is your own choice whether you decide to follow Jesus or want to know about Him. Pray for “H” that he will want to know more about Jesus and that God will save him.

At the beginning of the month, we have supper at Sunday Service and then after the service, we eat food altogether. In the Restaurant where we had ordered food, I had the chance to talk with two waiters there while waiting for the food order and one of the waiters asked me ‘’So what do you do, what do you work?’’  I told him that I serve here in Malisheva and I am the pastor of the church here in Malisheva. They were both surprised about the church as they never heard that there is a church here, I also shared the gospel with them and invited them to believe. Of course, their answer was that ‘’no we have our own faith/religion’’. Pray for these two young men that God will touch their hearts and save them.

More ways to pray for us:

Pray for our family to continually grow in Christ, to impact here in Malisheva .

Pray for the church that the believers will grow in faith and number

Pray that we will be able to share the gospel and that God will open us roads to that so

Pray for the children that join  our ministries