This month, God has been teaching us about the great need we have to be made more into the image of Christ and mortify the sin in our lives. I believe that He is forming a people here in Cuzco. We have also had a large number of people that have attended our services as visitors and people that have been invited.

On the other hand, one of the sisters has been unable to come because her husband is not a believer and does not allow her to attend. She was attending faithfully and demonstrating a great interest in growing in a knowledge of the Gospel, but these difficulties with her husband are very challenging. Please, help us through your prayers for this lady, especially for the difficulties in her marriage.

We continue with the evangelistic efforts in the streets and parks. A group of the believers from our church are going out regularly. There are many people that listen to us and promise that they will come to our Sunday meetings, but until now they have not come. There are others who refuse us openly with a “no” or even insults, but we are always seeking to look on them with eyes of mercy. While we are not seeing much fruit in this ministry, we will continue proclaiming the Gospel without growing discouraged, knowing that our primary responsibility is to be obedient to the Lord, and that is our motivation.