“Dear Friends of Antioch Baptist Church Malawi,

The Lord has been giving us amazing fruit in the area of student ministry. Our focus on evangelism ranges from university, street, house-to-house, and cell-groups, but it seems to us that the Lord has given us most fruit in the universities. A month ago, we baptized 8 students who had been attending our Bible studies on campus. As the Lord started saving some, they eventually started attending church. We were encouraged to see those whom the Lord saved follow Him in baptism. We are praising the LORD for His power in salvation.

We consider our work on different campuses a vital part of evangelizing the nation of Malawi. We would not be able to do this without your prayers and financial support. May the Lord’s name be praised! Join us in praising the Lord for this encouraging part of our ministry. The number of students visiting our church has since doubled. It means hiring two small buses just to bring them to church every Lord’s Day.”

You can watch the baptism videos here: