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We wish you, friends, and supporters in HeartCry Missionary excellent health and blessings from our God. May God be with you, and may this information from us continue to encourage you to pray for our ministry in Vietnam as well.

Please pray for Christianity in Vietnam and my place as we battle against such a thing called prosperity gospel. This idea compromises the true Gospel with the idea that He will bless you with wealth and health by following God. This teaching is such an insult to the true Gospel and the entire history of Christianity. It is causing significant damage, not yet on my church, thankfully, but on the vast majority of churches near our place. I pray that God will protect brothers and sisters in my church from this heresy and that I might somehow help people outside my church from buying this false Gospel.

The true Gospel is the proclamation of good news because our sins have been forgiven through Christ’s death and resurrection. The Gospel does not promise health and wealth, but the forgiveness of sins through faith in Christ Jesus.

May God’s blessing and comfort be with you in these days. Please keep in touch although we are half earth away. Hopefully, March will be a better time for evangelism. I remember you in my prayers from time to time. We are so thankful for your support and prayers in those years long.

Faithfully yours,

Due H.