Paul Onyango is the missionary pastor of Milimani church-plant in the wealthier area of Kisumu, Kenya, where Sam Oluoch pastors Grace Baptist Church.  Paul is a gifted and dedicated evangelist.  In this report, he shares about the struggles in planting a church.

“Dear Friends,
We greet you in the name of Him who died that we might live, even Jesus Christ our King and Savior. May the Lord bless those who pray and give so that God’s kingdom may expand in Kenya, particularly Kisumu where we work.

My family is doing well in the Lord. Through the generous help of some friends, our first born son was able to join university in Nairobi in January. I have been teaching a Bible study through the book of Acts in our Milimani church plant. This book has really challenged me when I go through difficulty and suffering, as I see what the Apostles endured in order to expand God’s Kingdom. Let us work with Him as He gives us life, because He is in control.

This church plant began as a Sunday evening preaching point some two years ago. As the mother church saw the need to start a morning service, I was sent to Milimani with a brother and his family. Church planting is not easy, and those who asked us to begin a morning service in Milimani for their benefit are now nowhere to be seen. This has really taught me patience because the work is the Lord’s and He does what He wants in His time.

When I felt so disappointed, He began to bring new people through our evangelism efforts. Now we can smile and say, “This is how far the Lord has brought us.” He also brought George, formerly in our sister church in Nairobi, who is now working in Kisumu. He is very helpful in evangelism. Another man from Nairobi, whom I met during our evangelism, is Erick. He lives in Milimani where our church plant is located. These two men are so helpful to me and the entire fellowship. We meet every Saturday for prayer before going out to evangelize. The Lord has provided brothers to lean on. Do pray with them.

Milimani church plant has taught me not to put my hope in man but in God. Those whom we began with are no longer here, but God has brought others. Perhaps He used them to kick off the ministry for the benefit of those who would come later. May this warn and encourage those who are doing church planting – it is a hard work that pays later.”