Dear Brothers and Sisters, Praise the Lord for the inexhaustible fountain of blessings that comesfrom a committed life preaching the Gospel. Even when we preach the gospel, we have in mind the world as the main beneficiary. However, our Lord determines to bless first His own people and, through His people, the fallen. Let’s rejoice and be grateful for our Lord extending His mercy to the lost, but let’s never forget that while we preach His gospel, He has a desire to bless His own because He has a special love for His own people. Praise the Lord!

Our Lord blessed us with a great outreach event. We celebrated the Resurrection Day with an outdoor service in a park and we invited many families in order to share the precious gospel of Our Lord. Our Lord was so kind to give us the privilege of having Japanese, Peruvian and American guests. Please pray so our Lord will bring salvation to them.

A few weeks ago, our two sons returned from playing with their best friend but they looked very concerned. My wife and I asked them what happened and they told us their friend shared with them that their parents were going to separate because of many family problems that they were going to pray upstairs. It is a sad situation but we were glad that our Lord was developing faith in our children hearts. We invited to church the parents of our children’s friend. Please pray that our Lord will use this situation to grow our faith in His power, mercy and that He will bring salvation, light and strength to that family.

I just came back from the northern part of Japan. I was invited to preach in a three-day evangelistic event for Japanese youth. It was hosted at Misawa air force base. I was so blessed to see that our Lord is extending His grace and mercy toward Japan even in small and far away place of this island. I am glad that my Japanese studies are building up so I was able to preach for the first time entirely in Japanese to the Japanese youth and answer their questions.

On my last day of preaching a Japanese couple who are Buddhists and attended the service told me that they had a hard time believing in the confusion of the trinity, but that the message on that day helped them to understand the beauty of the relationship between the three persons of the trinity. They told me that they wanted to know more about this God of the Bible and gave me the opportunity to pray for them in the name of Christ. Please pray so this couple will continue knowing our Lord and be saved through the bible studies of the church.

We now have small teams in our church doing intentional evangelism: making friends, inviting people to their homes, and also going out to events and places with the purpose to evangelize. Please pray for our church so our Lord will give us more joy and strength to continue building the relationships or opportunities to share the Gospel.

Thank you always for your support and prayers, all this news and praises are fruit of our Lord’s grace and through your and our effort in different areas together. God bless,

Pastor Luis Tokyo-Japan