Harvest Baptist Church

In 2022 HeartCry Mission Society started supporting two pastors who, by God’s grace, are planting and establishing Havana Baptist Church (HBC), which is the church plant of Monte Christo Baptist Church (MCBC). These two pastors are Mr. Immanuel Nghidengwa and Mr. Kornelius Kaweendwa. This letter serves to show their sincere appreciation to HeartCry, to report the progress of the work at HBC, and to share their prayer requests.

“Words cannot fully express our gratitude to God for your support. We always praise God in our prayers for your partnership in the ministry of the gospel, not only with us but with many other brethren around the world. Our family, and the HBC congregation are thankful for your support.

Your support has been and still is meeting our genuine needs. With this support, by God’s gracious hand, much has been accomplished this year. First of all, as pastors at HBC, this year we have been able to focus on pastoring this church plant without worrying about our basic needs and those of our families. Secondly, as we are focusing on evangelism and discipling, 12 new believers were added to the church this year; 7 of them were converted and baptized at HBC, and 6 of them have voluntarily transferred from other congregations to HBC. We are also training about 10 men, who are church members, for layman ministry work. Among those are Angolan Christian citizens who are preparing to lead the work of church planting in the southern part of Angola.

Harvest Baptist Church Grain
Harvest Baptist Church in Namibia

With your support, the HBC has managed to raise and save some funds for the urgently needed church building. We are continuing to raise funds for this project that we are planning to start in early March 2023, God willing. With the support of HeartCry, HBC this year has managed to financially help support pastor Lukas Joseph (a pastor leading another church plant in the northern part of Namibia). Lastly, because of your support, HBC has managed to assist other smaller biblical congregations who have asked for our help in one way or another, which included: little financial support, preaching supply, and the use of HBC baptistery to baptize their members.

On top of all of this, our church is growing spiritually as well. We are preparing to constitute HBC. We are preparing to ordain new pastors (which God willing will take place in March 2023). The pastors have taken the HBC church members through the drafted church constitution and the drafted constitution is now approved by the leadership of MCBC (our church planter) and the church members at HBC as well.

At the family level, by God’s grace, I, Kornelius Kaweendwa got married to my dear wife Ndonita Vatileni on the 30th of September 2022. HeartCry support has helped to make this possible. Your support has allowed us to meet our needs as a family and also enables me to support other family members, such as my mother and younger siblings who are in need. We are really grateful. We attached family pictures.

I, Immanuel, my wife Teopolina, and children Tunehafo and MunaKalunga Nghidengwa, by God’s grace, are doing well. The Lord has blessed us with our second son who was born in early March of this year. Thanks to your support, our basic needs are being met. Your generosity has also allowed us to support our extended families. I am currently studying at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminar; because of my studies, I needed a conducive place to stay with my family which I managed to get with the help of the support you are giving us both financially and prayerfully.

Please pray for the following prayer requests:

  • Spiritual and numerical growth of the church,
  • Wisdom as leaders
  • Godliness
  • Faithfulness and safety for church leaders
  • The Upcoming constituting of HBC
  • The ordination of HBC pastors.
  • Extra church elders and deacons,
  • Continuing biblical unity of the church
  • The training of church leaders
  • The church building project
  • The work of planting a church in the southern part of Angola,
  • Faithfulness in prayers, evangelism, and discipleship.

May the gracious and faithful LORD and Savior continue to bless you all (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Immanuel T. Nghidengwa and Mr. Kornelius Kaweendwa