Immanuel serves alongside Kornelius Kaweendwa as a church-planting team. They are now planting a church called Katutura Reformed Baptist Church in Namibia.

Testimony of Conversion

In late 2008, I went to Rossh-Pinah, a city in the south of Namibia. I started attending church services at Mount Tabor Baptist Church on Sundays, as well as weekday Bible studies. This is where I started knowing the truth about Christianity and first heard the truth of the gospel of the grace of God. In the course of the year 2009, I came to repentance and gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and by confession of faith, I was baptized in February 2010. 

Call to Ministry

My call to the ministry is a desire which God by his grace set into my heart when I became a Christian. I willingly took this calling and do it, not just as I desire, but also it seems that He has given me the necessary gifting to be a minister for His glory and the good of his people.