Beginning next Tuesday, July 8, I will be traveling to Peru for three weeks. Throughout the trip, I will be meeting individually with the missionaries and their families, while also attending their church services throughout the week. In addition to much needed fellowship with the men and their families, these visits will also provide an opportunity to get video updates from the field with each of the missionaries, as they share testimonies of the Lord’s recent faithfulness in their own lives, their churches, and their families. Please pray that these meetings would be an encouragement to the missionaries and their families, and that it would be helpful to all of us at HeartCry in discerning any new direction the Lord might be leading us in Peru.

The second week of the trip, from July 15 through the 18, all of the missionaries we support in Peru and Argentina will travel to Lima for a four-day training course in the Lima Bible Academy. The courses will cover Paul’s epistle to the Romans and will be conducted from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Our prayer is that this course will result in an experiential knowledge of God’s truth that produces an increased love for our great God, a greater reliance upon His incomparable power to save, and greater effectiveness in each missionary’s ministry. 

The third week will contain a training conference for pastors (those supported by HeartCry as well as some other pastors and teachers coming from different parts of Peru). The main speaker at the conference will be Pastor Sugel Michelen from La Iglesia Bíblica del Señor Jesucristo (The Biblical Church of the Lord Jesus Christ) in the Dominican Republic. Along with Pastor Sugel, Brother David Barnes, the director of the Bible academy in Lima, will also share in the teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as in the question and answer sessions. Throughout the week, the men will be taught on “The Centrality of Preaching.” Again, please join with us in praying that both Sugel and David would be filled with wisdom and power from on high as they proclaim the truths of God’s Word, and that the hearts of many would be affected, encouraged, and strengthened for the good of the Church and the glory of God.