I would like to first of all thank God who calls His enemies to become His children, thankful for the righteousness of Christ transferred to me. Thirty-one years later God has kept me, pruned me, and encouraged me. Also, very thankful for the prayers and financial support from HeartCry.

The first two Sundays in September we baptized 12 people. They went public for Christ. What a blessing that unbelievers saw this and were affected.

Baptism Canada

One of these was a teenage young man by the name of Cohen Storey who was converted during one of our Christian school chapels I do for the boys every Thursday morning. He was broken towards the end of the chapel and saw himself as lost and sinful, saw his need for Christ and surrendered to Him. He was broken for sometime that day. He has a new joy now, and we see a change in him. God is good.

Thanks again to all who pray & support us.
May God be pleased to send another awakening to our Country!
In Christ, Dave Storey