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It is an honor to be able to serve the Lord and His people in this part of the world, and it is a privilege to be helped through your faithful support, both financially and in prayer.  Thank you for your partnership with us in the work.  

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Things have been busy for us over the past several weeks and we are grateful for God’s grace and how He is working all things together for our good, and for His glory. The church building was given a ‘facelift’ last week, as several people came together from both inside and outside of the congregation, to do some much-needed renovations and repair work.  The walls of the sanctuary were patched up and repainted, making it look so much cleaner and brighter.  The wheel-chair accessible ramp leading up to the back entrance was repaired, making it safer, and both it and the front step were painted, giving them a fresh look. Weeds and roots were removed outside, and the perimeter of the building was raked and swept clean, making the parking lot more inviting. We are grateful for the building that God has graciously provided for us as a church and desire to be good stewards of it. More than that, we are grateful for God’s people, and the unity among the congregation, as we worked together with excitement and joy in the Lord.  

While we were working, a woman walking by asked if she could sit inside for a bit and get out of the sun. We invited her in and gave her a cold bottle of water.  She sat down and stayed for a while, talking with the believers who were there. We were able to share the Gospel with her.  We were all excited when she walked into the church the following Sunday and joined us for a time of worship, having hitch-hiked into town from her neighboring community. In fact, there have been new visitors at the church almost every week since we returned to our normal public worship gatherings at the beginning of June.  It has been so encouraging to see new faces and to have new opportunities in the Lord. We desire to reach more people for Christ and to be a blessing to our community. 

Since Cornerstone Church was first planted 5 years ago, there has not been a summer that has gone by without there being a public baptism in the Richibucto river near the church. By God’s grace, we are once again planning a baptism for next Sunday. This time, there are 5 people who are planning on making a public profession of faith in Christ through the waters of baptism.  These are times of celebration and joy. We give praise to God for His amazing grace and lovingkindness. 

We are grateful to for these times of blessing, for a permanent home for Cornerstone Church, for new visitors and opportunities for Christ in our community, and for times of celebration for new professions of faith and baptisms. We thank God for the honour and privilege of serving Him in this part of the world, and we thank you for helping us. Please pray for the salvation of the lost and the sanctification of the saved, to the glory and praise of God.