Dear Brethren in Christ,

We thank the Lord for all the opportunities He has put before us to proclaim Christ and spread His Word here in Spain.

Ministry at the local church in Marin

After serving the Lord for almost three years in the church in Marín, we are only two weeks away from finishing the biblical training program we have developed to better equip the different ministry leaders. It’s such a joy to see their growth in the knowledge of the Lord and their commitment to His Word.

During this time, we have started several Bible study groups in our house, particularly focused on “premarital lessons” and discipleship with new believers. We pray God may help us to point them to the precious person of Christ and give us the prudence to deal with people who struggle within a very ungodly secular context. A few weeks ago, we baptized one of those young new believers, and it was a great testimony to his non–believing friends and family.

Church planting in Lalín

We keep working in Lalín (a town of 20.000 people without any Christian church at all), yet we are hitting a rough patch. The initial enthusiasm after the activities we carried out this past summer, has faded away. After starting a Bible study each Wednesday with two people, we now find ourselves alone again. We keep setting a Bible display table at the city market twice a month, and a few weeks ago one man started yelling at us: “Are you still going on with this? Haven’t you realized by now God doesn’t exist?” We are so upset to observe such little interest in spiritual matters as we see how many souls get inevitably lost without Christ. May the Spirit of God work in the midst of this generation and show mercy to those who are dying in their transgressions and sins!

Seminary training in Berea, León

Every six weeks I travel to León to teach at Berea Seminary. This past November I’ve been teaching Ecclesiology. It was such a joy to be able to meditate on the glorious doctrine of the Church. What a privilege to belong to the body of Christ! What a blessing to be recipients of the love of our Lord for His Bride! What a cost He paid for her! May the Lord help us live out our time as foreigners here in reverent fear! (1 Peter 1:17).

For this school year, we have more than 40 students coming from all over the country distributed throughout the different training programs that the seminary offers. We pray the Lord may equip them to be useful instruments in His hands. One of these students is called Juan Pablo. He pastors a church in Linares (Andalucía), 700 miles away from our hometown. This city has the highest unemployment rate in Spain (more than 40%) and many believers are going through severe hardships, not only economical but all also personal and spiritual. I was invited to preach at his church last week, and I shared a sermon’s series titled “Satisfied in Christ”. Please, have them in your prayers, so that in the midst of their trials our brethren in Linares can find satisfaction in Him, the One and Only who can fill our lives with joy and hope. Pray also that they may be a living testimony of the grace of God to their neighbors.


As a family, we are really enjoying this season. Our son Benjamin grows very fast and doesn’t seem that little anymore. Our daughters Alejandra and Lucía are always eager to learn and grow. I thank the Lord for the tireless work of my wife Olga, always ready to serve and take care of us. We are so thankful for your lives and your interest in the progress of the Gospel in Spain.

Brethren, there’s so much to do and so many the challenges ahead of us, that often we feel overwhelmed and incompetent. Please hold us in your prayers, that the Lord grants us wisdom, and keeps our eyes fixed on Him.

Thank you so much for the effort you put forth in sustaining us to serve God in this place. We pray that our great God might fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13).

In Christ,

Heber Torres