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This month we have been meeting with the church members in different homes during the week, especially in the homes of the brothers and sisters that are going through very difficult times in terms of their health. A group of brothers have also been visiting members of the church in their homes to maintain a closer fellowship, minister to them in their health needs, or counsel them through difficult circumstances. We want to be faithful to support, comfort, encourage, and show a deep Christian love for our brothers and sisters. I give glory to God for how much joy and edification these visits have brought to the church.

God has blessed us with the arrival of a new family to our church, a mother who first came with her daughters. Their family situation is a very difficult. God, in His great love and grace, has led them to embrace the gospel of our Lord. The Lord has also used the brothers and sisters in the faith to effect a great change in their lives. God has worked in an incredible way. Where there was constant sadness and sorrow in the family, Christ has now given joy and a desire to live. Even her husband, who is still not a believer, has begun attending the church sometimes. We are sharing the gospel with him and praying for his salvation.

I want to mention also that HeartCry has given us 30 Bibles to give to new believers and to people that visit our church or that we are evangelizing. Many people here do not have Bibles.