Xhevat In Kosovo

A brother in the church had surgery this month. While I was visiting him, his brother was there also. I had the chance to talk to him about Jesus and about how everything that happens here on the earth will be only for a short time. My objective is always to tell people the need for trusting in Jesus and how nothing makes sense without Him. If we live without Jesus, we will spend our lives for nothing and soon the end will come. Pray for this man, that he will think about his life and the purpose of life. Pray that he will be saved.

One day, I had the chance to visit a friend of mine at his workplace, and during our time together we started talking about the church. My friend is Catholic and he’s been going to the Catholic church for about 2 years. The priest that was working at the church has now left, and they are waiting for another one to come. My friend has visited our church several times and I have invited him to come more. We have had many conversations about the differences between Catholics and Christians. Pray that he will continue to come to the church meetings.

Further, during my talk with him, one of his colleagues came in and we met each other. I started telling him about my work and the church I serve. He told me that one of his cousins is a Christian and serves in a church in a different city in Kosovo, and it happened that I knew his cousin. He told me that everyone in his family took it very hard when his cousin converted to Christianity. Also, he said about himself that he could never change his faith because His family is Muslim, even though he is not a dedicated Muslim. Pray for this man.

In our neighborhood, a new shopping market has opened and I have created a very good relationship with the manager there. I have shared with him about the church and what I do. Pray that I will have more chances to talk and build a good relationship with this man. 

Also, I had the chance again to talk with my brother about different things and I always try to make it clear that only through Christ can we be counted righteous. Of course, my brother always denies this, and I can see when I talk with him what it is to be blind and not see the truth. Pray that the gospel will speak to him.

Pray for me and my wife Tina, that we will always grow in our relationship with God and will work as a family for His glory. Pray that the gospel will be shared in Malisheva more every day. Pray that His name will be worshiped in this lost city. Pray that our church will always hold to the truth of the Bible and to holiness. Pray that my Muslim family members will be saved. Pray that our church will grow in number and that the believers will be faithful to God. Pray that I will be a good example to the church and to unbelievers.