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God continues to bless my ministry as a pastor in my church, I continue to preach God’s Word from the pulpit and pray for God’s work that God is doing here in Siberia. I thank the Lord for the work that He has entrusted me with here to perform, for all the blessings that I have, performing everything related to my pastoral responsibilities here. Our church continues to be a lamp for unbelievers who surround us, we continue to preach to them of Jesus Christ and pray for their salvation.

    In the month of December, I managed to make a planned missionary trip to the northern regions of our region. We in the church constantly thank the Lord for this trip and I am glad that God gave the opportunity to prepare the car for such a serious winter trip and blessed it. In 14 days I traveled about 3000 kilometers (1900 miles) with my wife, Tatyana. We managed to visit several small churches in the north of our region, as well as visit several people who are interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The presence of God’s Spirit was clearly visible there, the desire to grow in faith and dedicated service to our Lord.

     First, we went to the small town, 350 km from Irkutsk, where there is a small church. We spent 2 days there during which we had spiritual fellowship, prayed together, and were strengthened by the grace of Jesus Christ. Then we traveled about 800 kilometers to the north, and arrived in a small village, in which there is a small group of believers. The first baptism here was performed in 1998. Since then we have been visiting this group almost every year. The presence of God’s Spirit was clearly visible there, the desire to grow in faith and dedicated service to our Lord. We try to do this in the winter because at this time of the year the so-called “winter roads” begin to work, and it is much easier to get to this remote area in winter. And while we were there we spent several days in fellowship with believers and reasoning over God’s Word. Every evening for 4 days we held services and had wonderful fellowship with believers. I was pleased to see how they were keenly interested in various theological issues, as well as in the organization of the church.

We spent another 4 days in another small village, where it was also nice to see the desire of believers to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We held several services together and had spiritual fellowship every day. There we also had several meetings with unbelievers, to whom we were able to tell the gospel and invite them to faith in Christ. There is no doubt that God blessed this trip and I am glad that we were able to visit our dear brothers and sisters of faith once again this year and were able to encourage them. We ourselves were encouraged by their faith. Thank God. Brothers and sisters, please pray for the success of the ministry in Siberia, that the Lord bless the work and that the fragrance of God’s glory is spread throughout the earth. Give our Siberian greetings in your churches. God bless you.

In Christ,