My name is Shamir K., and I am from a village a called A.. My wife’s name is Shella. I have two sons, Ashek (13y) and Jay (11y).

I grew up in a Hindu family. In my family, we use to worship idols and follow all Hindu traditions with our whole hearts. My father was an orthodox in the Hindu religion, and he taught us to obey every single rule of the Hindu religion. We followed every small rule of Hindu tradition, so we could not eat or drink without taking a bath first. My father was a very angry man. Because of his nature, my relationship with him was not good. We hardly talked to each other. This was very stressful on me. My home life began to have an affect on my studies, and I ended up failing class ten. There was also a financial problem, so I left my studies and started working in private factory. In my home, there was no peace.

In those days, a brother told my father about the good news of Christ and invited him to the church. My father went on his invitation, and after that he used to go regularly. I began to see some real changes in his life. He was no longer angry all the time. His nature seemed to have changed. 

Then the pastor started coming to our house for a weekly fellowship meeting. We used to fellowship and learn God’s Word, once a week from 8-10pm. I began understanding who Jesus was, and who I was before him- a sinner. My life was useless. There were countless sins in my life, which I could not share with anyone. Then on December 20, 1999, I repented of my sins and believed in Jesus. He is the only Savior. I regularly went to church and I was learning more about Him. Then my local church sent me to another church for 3 months of training. The main purpose of this training was to learn how to share the gospel more effectively in rural areas. After this training program, I returned to my church and started sharing the Gospel. I used to distribute Gospel books in every village and every home. I have been with the local church for many years, and went to many places to share the gospel.

Church Ministry

Today, we meet every Sunday for service in D. village. There are around 60-70 people from 10 different villages that come every Sunday. There are also four brothers in the church whom I am preparing for ministry, in hopes of them becoming elders in the church. Every Friday, 10-12 women meet for Bible study. The last week of each month, all believers meet at the church for our prayer meeting.

Biggest Challenges/Issues in the Ministry

In our Church, most of our congregation is women. Most people are uneducated so they are not able to read the Bible. Some people are not strong in their faith, so it can be difficult to lead them.  Please pray.

Special Needs/ Prayer Points

We need a generator so we can organize meetings better. The church building has not been completed yet. We are still lacking electricity. Please pray for me in these days as I am struggling in mentally tensions. Pray that more men will come to the church and place their faith in Jesus. Pray for our church believers, that they can grow in holiness and live their life according to the Word of God.

Pray our goals for this year (2018):

  1. This year, we want to start a formal church membership in the church.
  2. Take a couple of young brothers and have them stay on the church premises to study and grow in the Word of God.
  3. To strengthen the church in the right doctrine.
  4. To encourage the church to give to the Lord’s work, so that they can help in the church more financially.
  5. There is a plan to organize 2 meetings to study the biblical family.

Please pray for us,
Shamir K.