Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I wanted to give you an update on Ghorlikhark. This is the unreached village in Nepal where HeartCry missionary Gary started a fellowship. The Lord has moved in the village, and a small home church was started. Recently, around 2 months ago, locals from a neighboring village warned Gary not to visit that village again. The following week he was called into the police station and forbidden to go into this village without a written letter from the district office. Since that day, this village group has been without a shepherd to overseer them. We have been continuously praying for them and looking for ways to minister to them.

The Following is An Update From HeartCry Missionary Doug:

Last Saturday, me and another brother went to visit this village. It was a difficult journey, taking 5 hours to get there, but we arrived safe. We rejoiced in seeing their faces. We had a time of fellowship and encouragement from God’s Word. After the service, we gave them speakers, recorded sermons, Bibles, Gospel tracts, and a book called,

“What is the Gospel?”

We also had time to hear their different stories. It was amazing. Some of them are not from this village, but rather, they belong to another village about 3-4 hours away. They make this 3-4 hour journey by foot, crossing mountains to get there for fellowship. One young sister (16 years old) travels 4 hours each way (through the jungle alone) to come into this village for church. She requested us to pray for the salvation of her family and village people. She told me that she hoped others in her village would come with her for fellowship.

After hearing these stories, and seeing the hardship they have experienced, my heart was challenged and encouraged. The difficult 5-hour trip it took us to reach the village was small in comparison to what we witnessed. We have seen their hunger for Christ and His Word, and it has blessed us. I can honestly say that God is working in them, and He is bearing fruit. We praise God for His grace in them.” 

My sincere prayer is that the Lord would raise some local people who can minister to these sheep who are currently without a shepherd. My dear brothers and sisters, would you please lift up your voice to the Lord for these hungry souls and also for Gary, who feels the burden of caring for them. May the Lord cause them to hold fast to the gospel, to be established in the faith, and to continue to trust Him through these difficulties. We are looking for God’s guidance to minister to them in the days ahead. We appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

In Him,