Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the land of Nepal. It is my privilege to share the work of the Lord here in Nepal. Praise to the Lord our God Almighty for the blessing that He has poured out on us through His living and active Word.

The Reformed Churches of Nepal was able to celebrate its 3rd Reformation Day, this one being the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. The Reformation conference was held from Oct. 29 through the 31st. Altogether we had 11 sessions, we only had two sessions on the first day. Theses sessions were on Church History. By God’s grace, I was able to lead our people very briefly through the early Church and the medieval Church periods. We looked briefly at the Apostolic fathers and their commitment to the Lord to battle against the heresies of their day, like Gnosticism. It was very encouraging to our souls to remember their martyrdom for the sake of Christ. The churches were suffering greatly, inwardly and outwardly, during that time. We also looked at the emergence of the creed and councils that were held because of the various heresies. We focused on Roman Catholicism; their doctrine, belief, practices, and how the church suffered because of it. We looked also looked a Luther’s stand. The doctrine of Salvation was the core issue. Our men and women were encouraged and challenged as we briefly walked through the history.

The first three sessions of the second day was preached by brother Rodney. He summarized the five Solas in these sessions, with the main focus on; Salvation is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone and in Christ Alone and for the Glory of God. It was a blessing to learn from him as he brought to light practical issues that the Churches in Nepal practice that are unbiblical. He challenged every men and women to hold fast to the Gospel, and to bring glory to Him in everything.

Later that day, we examined and focused on Sola Scriptura. This is the very foundation of the Christian faith, on which the Gospel stands. The three sessions I was able to preach, covered four main topics:

  1. Inspiration of the Scripture
  2. Inerrancy of the Scripture
  3. Infallibility of the Scripture
  4. Authority of the Scripture. The final day, I was able to preached on
  5. Sufficiency of the Scripture
  6. Immutability of the Scripture, and
  7. Finality of the Scripture.

It was a very wonderful blessing for us to study the word of God together. God has revealed Himself through His written Word. God helped us in this conference. Altogether, 45 men and women participated. These biblical truths encouraged us, and challenged us to be faithful in His Word. We praise God for this wonderful opportunity that we were able to come together to learn His words. Thank you- and all the prayer partners and supporters for your sincere prayer. Glory to God Alone!

In Him,