Emmanuel Komba was sent by Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia to plant a church in Freetown, Sierra Leone after completing a pastoral internship with them. In his latest update, Pastor Komba (left) tells about new opportunities to preach the Gospel, and the power of the Gospel seen in transformed lives:

“We continue to thank God for the evangelistic opportunities given to us as a church. We have been praying for a long time now for funds for a radio evangelistic program, so that the true gospel we profess may be heard on our national radio here in Freetown. We are indeed grateful to God for the support from an individual who once visited our church and felt that the messages she heard must also be preached on radio. So she supported this program for two months, November and December, and we are currently preaching on radio every Sunday evening, 4–5 PM, a series on the “Holy Spirit Our Helper” (see photo below). Last Sunday we considered the subject of the “Personhood of the Holy Spirit,” since there are so many misunderstandings in these so-called churches. The response from the general public is really encouraging. Continue to pray with us for funds so that this program will continue after December.

The power of this Gospel we preach is being seen in lives within our church:
The first example is Sister Pricilla, who told me recently that she got converted during our Vacation Bible School this year. This wonderful and rather shy lady 
(in the white dress right) is one of my beloved neighbors. I have had several evangelistic meetings with her in the past. She had a Roman Catholic background and always believed that salvation can be earned through moral goodness and special favors from God. This very humble lady has been hugely helpful in the church, especially Youth Ministry meetings, with the hope that one day salvation can be granted to her because of her good works.

Because of her eagerness to serve, she was given the opportunity to help with the Vacation Bible School (below) held by the church few months ago. During this important program, however, our Sister came to understand that salvation is through faith alone in Christ alone. God’s regenerating works are often surprising. As we were laboring to plant the seeds of salvation in the heart of these little ones, the Holy Spirit was transforming the life of one of the workers who had always believed in a lie. We truly rejoice over the salvation of Sister Pricilla. Pray with us that our Sister will continue to grow in grace as she continues to hear His word.

A second example is Brother Matturi. When Kabwata Baptist Church sent me to Freetown to plant a like-minded church, I had the opportunity to meet a few men in an evangelistic meeting before the actual work commenced. One of those men was John Tamba Matturi, one of the men I am presently preparing for leadership in our church. He was born in Kono district, a school teacher by profession. He grew up in a false church, but it was his family’s church, and therefore had no option.

But when John finally moved to Freetown he joined a Pentecostal church, where he served for several years as a pastor. Brother John (in white shirt next to Pastor Komba at the radio station) was even given the option to start a new branch of the church in his community, but he gave the opportunity to someone else, preferring rather to assist him. In all his service in this ministry there were certain truths about God, himself, and the Bible that were hidden from him. Sadly they were propagating heresies with great enthusiasm and passion, and little did he know that their teaching was as dangerous as hell itself.

But blessed be the God of Eph. 1:3-6! His providence led me to meet John, and since then he has not stop thanking God for His grace in rescuing him from the bondage of lies and error he was in. In his own words: “We were lost and on the fast lane to destruction and I can’t imagine how I was involved in teaching these terrible errors, may God have mercy.” Amidst all the difficulties of preaching the true gospel, surrounded by those who twist the precious truth of His word for their own selfish gain, I am always amazed to see God transforming His elect.

It is evident that John Matturi has been transformed by the Gospel, and that transformation is seen as he aligns areas of his life to biblical truth, like his marriage. “I need to show the world that I was in darkness, I was lost, but now am found.”