HeartCry Missionary Natalia Terentii serves the faith family of Philadelphia Church in Anenii Noi, Moldova.  Her ministries include working with the children, mentoring young women and serving the elderly.  While suffering from ongoing health isssues over the years which at times have left her completely incapacitated, Natalia’s commitment to Christ and His Church has compelled her to remain faithful in her ministries.  She reports this month:                                              

I praise You, Lord, for You are great and wonderful and You are so good to all of us! After being sick for 11 months, I chose to be grateful and praise the Lord.  He had mercy on me and gave me strength to serve Him.

On March 3rd, we went to Ukraine in order to buy various things for the church for events that we were going to have. Prices are extremely high in Moldova, while there are neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Turkey, where food and other things are so cheap. We had several evangelistic events in March, so we bought in Ukraine everything that we needed. It was a full and demanding day, but God gave us wisdom to know what to do.

On March 5th in the evening we had a special meeting for women. I never thought we would have so many at this meeting. When we have Bible study, about 10 women attend the meeting.  But when we have special occasions, we have women from other villages who attend. We prepared a program, dinner, and games. Pastor Pavel congratulated us on this occasion and shared a message from the Word. 40 women attended this event. It was for the first time that I was in charge, but other sisters helped me. I had to lead the meeting and speak, which left me very tired at the end. It is so nice to see how God makes all things beautiful in His time. In the end of the meeting every participant received a gift. Nobody wanted to leave.  The ladies said they would like to have more similar meetings. I encouraged them to attend the Bible study meetings as well.

A Christian lady gave me the phone number of an endocrinologist. I went to see this doctor and he asked me to have medical tests done again and to come back to him afterwards. I will see this doctor again in April.

On March 8th, several believers from our church with missionaries from El-Shaddai Mission were involved in an evangelistic outreach in Anenii Noi. We made teams of two and went on the street giving flowers to the ladies. We also gave them Gospel tracts. On the streets where a sister and I went, we didn’t find too many people outside as they were inside celebrating. However, we still met some people and they were open and surprised that we gave them flowers. As we talked to the women we met we told them that they had been created by God, Who loveed them and had a special plan for them. A young woman invited me to her place where she also had other guests. I talked to all of them.

On March 9th, we had an evangelistic event for widows and blind women. They had a special program including a meal, fellowship and gifts. The believers ministered to them. It was a blessing to serve the Lord together.

Sometimes I didn’t feel well and I had to leave what I was doing. Sister Tanea’s husband died oner day and we went to be with her. She is from Ruseni. Her husband was paralyzed for four years and received God into his heart. Sister Tanea took care of him all this time which was very difficult for her. Friends and relatives attended the funeral, along with the believers. The pastors preached the Word.

March 21st-25th: Olia and I visited 15 people. This was the first time that I could visit the people living on my street. They know that I am a Christian, but they haven’t allowed me to visit them. This time I was able to see them. I’ve been praying for many years and God opened the doors. Some of the people living on my street are paralyzed or have disabilities. Then we visited three families from another village (blind people, widows, and paralyzed individuals). We couldn’t spend too much time with them, but we promised to come back. They talk about their health issues and I shared with them my experience. I told them that God is great and merciful. This is just like in the time of Jesus: people are ill physically and spiritually and they are lonely. Lord, have mercy!

On March 24th we started the women’s ministry again in Hirbovet. Mariana and I want to help this ministry. They had a ladies’ meeting, which was attended by 25 ladies. Next Sunday we will have a women’s meeting again. It is a challenge for me to teach in Romanian, but we will take with us several sisters that speak Romanian better. This is a new working field. On the same day, Oscar (12) and I visited a lady. It was her birthday and she was alone. Oscar helped me carry the package we had for her. She was surprised as we told her about God and prayed for her. Oscar enjoyed this experience and wants to go visiting with me again. I always have someone to help me.

At the end of March we were blessed to attend the conference in Romania were we studied the book of Colossians. We learned about suffering, among other subjects, and I was able to receive some answers that I didn’t know before. We grow every day and take one more step each day. It is important how you do this. Life with Christ doesn’t mean that you live for yourself.  Although you have to battle every day, the victory belongs to the Lord.                                                                                                                           

Don is serving as the HeartCry Coordinator for Eastern Europe. As an itinerant evangelist, his pulpit ministry is directed toward preaching on the inner life of the believer and the spiritual need of the lost. With HeartCry, his ministry includes organizing Bible conferences and corresponding with the HeartCry missionaries in Europe. He and his lovely wife Cindy live in Tuscumbia, AL.

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