Dear Brothers & Sisters, 

Greetings in Christ our Lord! We are so thankful to the Lord for your continued prayers and support of the gospel work in Nepal. Your prayer and support have been a tremendous blessing for many brothers and sisters in Nepal. One of the blessings in the life of the Nepalese people is your help in translating and printing solid books.  

As you know, we have limited access to solid biblical books in our own Nepali language, so any books that are translated are extremely useful in this needy land. I can testify that these books have blessed the lives of many people. Through them, the people are slowly understanding what a biblical church looks like. The pastors we are training are also being challenged and encouraged by these books and God has used them in the lives of many families. Praise God for the authors, publishers, financial supporters, translators, printers, and prayer partners.

Recently, we completed the translation and printing of two 9Marks books titled, “Church Membership” and “Church Discipline” by Jonathan Leeman. We were able to print 1000 copies of each, giving a couple of hundred to like-minded churches in Kathmandu.  

In our fellowship, Grace Church Butwal, we have been studying the church membership book every week after our weekly meeting. This book has been helping our local church members understand their responsibility, accountability, and the serious nature of the church. To be honest, I myself have been challenged and have come to understand deeper truths while receiving practical help concerning the local church. I pray that as we move forward in this study, the Lord will help us put each of these truths into practice.

Please continue to pray- that God would use these solid tools in our local church. Once again, I would like to thank the HeartCry supporters for your continued prayer and support of the Gospel work in Nepal.

We have several projects that we wish to complete in the near future. We have a book on conversion, which is in the process of being proofread. After this, we are looking forward to translating Paul Washer’s Gospel series books. Please pray for this project work.

May He receive all the glory in this gospel work in Nepal.  Thank you!

In Him,