Pastor Monametsi Bahudi in Gabarone, Botswana recently shared with us what has become a familiar story that I often hear in my travels.

“It’s a joy to close 2017 with a report of a sinner that turned from sin and self to Christ. Pako is 24 years old, a graduate of University of Botswana with a combined major in Environmental Science and Sociology. His parents, especially his mother, are staunch members of a Zionist church. She has insisted that all her children should attend her church. When Pako was a teenager he began to resent the church and questioned many of their practices. He did not know the truth himself, but he increasingly questioned the church’s practices and teachings.

One of his friends who attended another church asked him to watch a sermon on YouTube which could answer some of his questions. The sermon was by Pastor Paul Washer, the “Shocking Youth Message.” He watched it and agreed with many points in the sermon. He began to follow Mr. Washer on both Sermon Audio and YouTube. He desired to know more about Mr. Washer’s preaching and he went to the HeartCry website. He looked through the website and discovered that HeartCry was supporting a missionary in Botswana. He tracked us down and found us last October.

His parents had been worried about him and did not want him missing church. He began attending our Bible studies and I set up a meeting with him. I took him out for coffee, where we studied the Bible together and I shared the gospel with him. He told me a week later that he is now a believer. He sent me a text,

“Pastor, I now know that I am a Christian. Can you meet my parents to share the gospel with them too?”

I have assigned him to Brother Kenosi for discipleship.”

Please pray for Pako’s spiritual growth and the salvation of his parents, as well as for Pastor Bahudi and the church in Gabarone as they share the gospel with others like Pako.