Greetings to you all! I just wanted to send a brief update on the Pastors Conference held recently. We praise God for the opportunity that the Lord has given us to have this conference for the pastors. Over 35 attended from different parts of the two different states.

The theme of the conference was on Ecclesiology. Brother Nathan, brother Jim, and brother Chase were with us from Grace Church. They taught us very clearly, and in a way that everybody could understand. They are excellent communicators and motivators.

During the 3- day conference we were able to study what the Scriptures teach about the Church. The enthusiasm from all attending was noticeable and we certainly learned a great deal.

The conference began with the focus on Christ and His relationship with the Church. We had the following sessions:

  • Christ the glory in the church (Eph. 1:1- 3:21),
  • Christ the Bridegroom of the Church (Eph. 5),
  • Christ the foundation of the church (1 Cor. 3),
  • Christ’s love for the Church (John 10), and the nature of the Church.

Next, we looked at church membership and accountability:

  1. Three sessions were taught. We looked at the individual’s relationship to the church,
  2. The pastors relationship to the church, and
  3. The pastor’s relationship to the individuals. We then looked at a healthy church membership and the importance of discipleship. This was followed by instruction concerning church membership and church discipline.

This study helped us a lot to realize the importance of the Church (both universal and the local church), it challenged us to have a higher view of the church, and to love the church sacrificially as Christ (Eph 5:25). It also helped to instruct us about the need for church membership, caring for one another, and church discipline.

Praying and trusting the Lord that theses truths may continue to change our lives to bear fruits for Christ in the days to come. We appreciate HeartCry and the donors for all their support in various ways, and their willingness to meet the needs here on the mission field.

Thank you for sending these dear brothers to teach and help us.

Looking forward to having many conferences like this for the edification of the body of Christ in our vast country.

Your co-labourer in in Christ,

S Rajan.