Dear HeartCry supporters, thank you so much for your prayers and support! 


Last year I got married to my beautiful wife Chantelle on November 12, 2016 and now we are excited to announce that she will be having twins in October, which is the month of the 500th year anniversary of the reformation! Both of us are very grateful for your support and we are thankful to serve the Lord here at Miramichi Valley Church (MVC) and wherever He may take us in the future.

In these past few months the Lord has really been pressing upon my heart my need to grow in wisdom. I think of Samuel and Jesus, how it was said that they grew in wisdom and in favor with God and man. Then I think of Steven in Acts, how he was a man full of wisdom and the enemies of God could not withstand the wisdom and spirit in which he spoke. In this same way, my desire and prayer is that I would likewise grow in the wisdom of God. God has been teaching me to be patient and steadfast in my faith and to take the process of mentorship and training patiently under the guidance of my local church, pastor, and elders. I am so grateful that God has led me to be under the care and leadership of MVC and Pastor Dave Storey.


In ministry, I have been reaching out to the young people. I’ve been going through a series with them on who Jesus is – everything that Jesus claimed Himself to be and who His disciples claimed Him to be. Many of the youth are not saved. Since the beginning of this year there have been three of them that have been under conviction of their sins and a realization that they’re lost. Please pray that God would bring greater conviction upon them and that they would surrender their lives to Jesus.

I’ve also been doing some work in Red Bank – a native reserve in the area. I work there building houses as a carpenter. This has given me many opportunities to share the Gospel with the aboriginals I work with. I make it my prayer and intention every week to share the Gospel with the guys I work with. Please pray for this reserve. It is full of darkness, hopelessness, and brokenness because of the results of sin and idolatry. Pray that the light of the Gospel would shine in that place and that God would save souls in Red Bank. I’m praying that God would start a new work there!

The other day I drove to Red bank to visit one of the guys I work with. I spent some time with him teaching him how to tap maple trees and make syrup. After that, I gave him a Gospel track and shared the Gospel with him. Pray for him as he contemplates the work of reconciliation God has done through Jesus Christ.

I also had the privilege of preaching some in the churches in Fredericton and Doaktown the past couple of months. I really felt the Holy Spirit helped me greatly in proclaiming His Word. I feel like God has been graciously helping me develop my gifts and giving me comfort that this is where I’m supposed to be.