Greetings! Praise the Lord for His kindness and faithfulness. Below is an update of some of the recent events that has taken place in our ministry. 

World Environment Day

We celebrated World Environment Day, with the theme of “Connect nature with mankind” during this month. On this day, several people, men and women came to listen to us and to share what they think about our environment. We taught people to thank God for the beautiful trees, birds, rivers, mountains and climates.

Upsana’s Birthday

We celebrated our daughter’s 12th birthday this year. She is a gift of God for us. We just praise God for her life, fellowship and memories.

Our House Little Opening Ceremony

We thank God for the little ceremony, where we gathered several our old and new contacts and invited them to come, and join us for the little ceremony to thank God for our daughter’s birthday and for the house facility, which will also house the Thursday Prayer group. 

Thursday Prayer Group’s Meeting

The prayer group continues to meet up on Thursdays for intercessory prayers and Bible studies. We are doing these days devotions from the Lord’s Prayer in Matt 6. The Lord’s Prayer has many good spiritual lessons for believers. We are especially thankful to God that this group has started meeting in our new house and we will continue to do so in the future. We had a guest speaker from Delhi this week, Mr. A. Smith, who spoke on the point of answers to our prayers from God.

The Local Leaders Meeting

 This month, we met for prayer, fellowship, updates, and Bible studies. The meeting took place in our house (presently) on rent. We studied together and discussed from the 9Marks books, the idea, “Do we have a role to play, in establishing healthy churches?” It is very important to ponder on this question and to work towards fulfilling our responsibilities, as the present day church leaders. We specially saw that it’s scriptural to plan and build healthy churches.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for the group that meets on Thursdays that it will grow (in prayer, knowledge of the Word of God) and will witness in Gospel opportunities. Pray that many more will join us.

Please pray that we’ll be able to complete our house soon and we may move there as soon as possible. Pray that the Lord will provide some funds for the finishing touch.

Pray for our church planting efforts that the Lord will bless us and our labours. Please pray for our upcoming youth meeting, and teaching opportunities.

We thank God for HeartCry’s prayer support, and fellowship.

Your fellow labourer,

Ranjit K.