Igor And Mariana

HeartCry missionary, Igor Seremet, and his wife, Mariana, are encouraging people in their community with the gospel. The Covid crisis still creates depression and despair in many who are still gripped by the fear and hopelessness. This month, Igor provides a general report of how they are availing themselves to the increasing opportunities during this season of unrest:

In the first days of this month, we celebrated the glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We couldn’t celebrate last year because of the pandemic, but God gave us a beautiful opportunity this year. More people attended the church services than we expected. We can see that people are more and more eager to get out and we are happy to see that they choose to come to church. We tried to preach the basic truths about Easter in order to help people connect the celebration with these truths and not with their rituals and traditions. In our Orthodox community, many things have become mere traditions. I preached about the meaning of the resurrection, and another brother spoke about the roots and meaning of the tradition that is so important in our country, although it has pagan roots.

We visited 17 families this month and helped them with food supplies. We also encouraged them by preaching the Word. People are very open. They are desperate, so they listen to us carefully. I don’t know how much freedom we are going to enjoy in the future. Some of these people don’t come to church because of their health condition or other reasons. Others tell us that they watch our online church services. We pray that God will give these people hope through His gospel.

Please pray for us for guidance from the Lord during these complicated times. People ask for advice, but sometimes we don’t know what to tell them. The vaccine is one of those matters they inquire about.