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Dear Brethren, Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ from Caltanissetta.  

The challenges of the publishing ministry 

Maintaining a Christian publishing company in Italy, and especially a Reformed Baptist one is not an easy task. For the production of Christian literature, we continue to cooperate with Christian translators who live in different parts of Italy, but we are always looking for a qualified brother that can serve in copy editing and revision of the translated books before they are published. For this task, we need someone who is well acquainted with reformed theology, who knows the English language well enough, and especially the Italian language and its grammar rules. At the present time, this task is fulfilled by two brothers who serve on a volunteer basis outside of their normal full-time jobs. The low income coming from the book sales  aren’t allowing us to hire another full-time worker. 

Please, pray that God can provide us a qualified man for the copy editing task.

What has been done and what is being done 

This year, by God’s grace, we have been able to publish John MacArthur’s Commentary on Luke 1-5, The Imperative of Preaching by John Carrick, three small books on Christian counseling by Lou Priolo, a biography of Pierre Viret as well as a few other theological resources. Two more books are being printed while I’m writing: John MacArthur’s Commentary on Luke 6-10, and God, Greed and the Prosperity Gospel, by Costi Hinn.

Please, pray especially for two projects that we have just started and more particularly that we may find good translators for these important books. The first one is a book on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit entitled The Gift of the Holy Spirit, by John Reuther. This would be the first book ever published in Italian on this subject from a Reformed perspective. If you were to go in an Italian Christian bookshop now and look for a book on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit you would end up in front of a shelf filled with books filled with false teaching.

Thank you for your prayers and your help in this ministry!