HeartCry continues to partner with Gospel and Reformation (in Belarus) in order to translate solid theological resources for the Russian-speaking world. Here is a recent progress report from Slava V. regarding Gospel and Reformation’s efforts that HeartCry is funding:

  1. The Holy Spirit, by Sinclair Furgeson – translation complete, editing: 120 out of 290 pages are complete.
  2. The Church, by Edmond Clowney – translation: 190 out of 340 pages are complete.
  3. The Providence of God, by Paul Helm – translation: 160 out of 250 pages are complete.
  4. Gospel’s Power and Message, by Paul Washer – translation: 115 out of 280 pages are complete.

We are on schedule with the first three titles but are somewhat behind with the fourth one. The original plan was to complete translation by April 1, but we were unable to accomplish this. However, we will make up for this by focusing on this project and giving it the priority at the editing stage. The book will be ready for printing in August-September.

Please pray for Gospel and Reformation’s translation efforts in Belarus. This is difficult work that must be done at a high level of quality and integrity.