Dear friends and supporters,

First of all I would like to give our best greetings and love to you, all of friends and supporters who are loved in God and kept for Jesus Christ. May His grace and peace and love be yours in abundance. I, my family and District 2 Baptist Church also would love to give our best thanks and gratefulness to you, who are giving the best of us for the sake of our God. This is the monthly report of July from us and hopefully it will, once again, encourage you somehow.

It is by God’s great grace and love that I and my family have been kept safely and healthy throughout the previous month. We still remain in our faithful love and our fear of the Lord. Our church has been going on well too. Believers went to the church every Sunday morning. Please keep praying for us, so that our faith in God will grow up more and more.

On 29th July, we held another training class for deacons. Members from 3 churches in this area gathered together to learn the Bible at District 3. Please pray for me that I have more and more ability and eagerness to go out and preach the Gospel. Difficulties keep striking my live, family and church. But I am thankful that God always expresses His love and care for us.

The matter I am worrying the most is the unity in the whole church. Many of us are afraid to work best for God for many reasons. Many are distracted by this life’s problems. This is the problem I would love to most to receive prayers from you, friends and supporters. I believe that with our faith and unity God will make His miracle on our lives.

We are in the worst days of the raining season. Rain keeps pouring down in buckets continually. This prevents our activities to be held smoothly. Believers are away from us are facing many difficulties to reach the church on Sunday services. Please also pray for our situation in the moment.

I pray to God so that the Holy Spirit continues to guide my life fulfilled by God’s will. These are the main activities in July. Thought they are trivial, mostly because of the bad weather, but I still hope that through this report you would know more about our situation and pray more for us. I also remember to pray for you, my friends and brothers in God who are dedicating to support us in our ministry in Vietnam. Your supporting does mean a lot to us. May God keep pouring His special care and blessings on all of you,

Danh K. (Vietnam)