Bullett Proof Sandu

These are difficult days for not only the Ukrainian people, but also for those who risks their lives to help them by crossing the border with food and medical supplies. HeartCry Missionary Sandu Deac continues to minister to the refugees and those who have chosen to weather the threat of Russian aggression and death. Recently, HeartCry was able to provide a war helmet and bullet proof vest for our brother to carry life – sustaining provisions into war torn regions. In Sandu’s recent report he shares the present conditions and needs:

I think that protection is our greatest need right now. So, please pray for our protection, for wisdom and attention, so that I would make good decisions every day.

It’s been 40 days since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and the situation in this country is quite bad. The number of those who are leaving the country is decreasing as compared to the first two weeks after the war began. This doesn’t mean that there are no more people seeking shelter. Many people still manage to find refuge and choose to go to places close to the border. Some of them are afraid to go to a place where they can’t speak the language, while others just want to stay together as families. So, many people come to these border towns in order to find shelter. Others find different solutions and leave the country.

The situation was quite peaceful at most of the border crossing points. More and more Ukrainians have chosen to go back to Ukraine. We can handle the situation quite well in Romania right now and the churches are making great effort to help the refugees.

Today I was asked to share a message of encouragement in Russian for a Ukrainian family that has repented recently and were baptized. These things happen quite often these days in the churches involved in this ministry. This is a special time for the church in Romania to show Christ’s love to the Ukrainian people. There are many ways in which we can do this. For instance, we can do it by offering accommodations, transportation, medical aid, documents, sending humanitarian convoys, medicines and other necessary things. Sending convoys has been the best thing we could help with in the last three weeks. I crossed the border to Ukraine every day in the last two weeks, going to the Odessa region with humanitarian convoys for the areas of Nicolaev and Harkov. We’ve been blessed to help thousands of people with food. Besides this, we also make sure that each get a Bible and hear the gospel. It’s extremely dangerous and difficult to go to those places, but all our team members are still alive. We really need God’s protection, so please pray for us. Two believers from Kiev, who are doing the same thing that we do, were killed by the Russian soldiers last week. This kind of help is the most necessary right now. This is what we are asked to do at the moment. There are people that have been living in bunkers for four weeks in some of the cities and they really need help. We manage to take over 10 tons of food supplies every day to the Odessa area. Sometimes even more. Most of these supplies get to the areas that have been most affected by the war. There is no electricity or gas in these locations, so they need food that doesn’t require cooking.

Yes, this is a great effort for everyone involved, but now it’s the time to help those in need and to show the Savior’s love to those who are desperate and hopeless.

Thank you for praying for me and for my family and for our ministry! May God bless you and keep you in his grace and peace!