Jairo Preaching Paris

The political and social situation in Barcelona and in Catalonia is very agitated. There are riots in the streets and the enmity between citizens is growing rapidly. We do not know where the Lord will steer the political issue, not only in Catalonia but throughout Spain. On November 10 we have presidential elections. I ask your prayers for Spain.

Despite all the political difficulties, this local church in Barcelona continues to grow, thanks to the Lord, both in number and commitment. We are very happy to see the work of the gospel in our midst. I have continued with the series of sermons on “Wisdom.” This month we have studied what the character of the wise person is like. The series is a blessing for my own life because by doing the detailed study I have learned to see the book of Proverbs with other eyes. And I have discovered a wonderful treasure that tells us about how to live and that Christ must be at the center of our daily lives if we want to live wisely. The church is being confronted and encouraged by the Word through these teachings.

This month my wife and I also visited the mission point in Paris. It is a beautiful group of about 35 Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters who congregate in the southern part of Paris. The majority are young couples who are raising their children. We believe this will be a solid and healthy church in Paris for people who speak Spanish. Three brothers are teaching and leading this group. Our support this year will focus on training them, which we can do in Barcelona by incorporating these three brothers in the plan that we have begun to develop with the leaders of the other mission points. In November we will have our first session.